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CHIPS AHOY! Fundae Your Way Sundae Bar

Your kids will love this simple idea for your next family fun night! Pick up a couple flavors of ice cream and serve it with fresh fruit and CHIPS AHOY! Cookies.

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Ingredient list

  • Chewy CHIPS AHOY! HERSHEY'S Fudge Filled Cookies, CHIPS AHOY! Cookies with REESE’S Mini Pieces Candy, CHIPS AHOY! Cookies with HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate and Chewy CHIPS AHOY! Made with REESE'S Cookies
  • Toppings, such as fruit (blueberries, raspberries, sliced strawberries, pineapple tidbits), chocolate and caramel syrups, natural peanut butter, multi-colored sprinkles and chopped nuts
  • Thawed frozen whipped topping
  • Assorted ice cream flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate chip-mint and salted caramel

Nutrition facts

Recipe Tips


Arrange cookies on tray or board. 


Add small bowls of assorted toppings and whipped topping.


Scoop ice cream into small serving dishes.  Add to tray.


Let everyone add their desired cookie to their bowl of ice cream, then add desired topping(s).  


For 8 servings, you will need a total of 8 cookies and 1 qt. (4 cups) of ice cream.  Just remember that 1/2 cup ice cream and 1 cookie is a serving. Having several varieties of fruit available can help satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth without over indulging on the toppings.  Adding 1 Tbsp. whipped topping and 1 tsp. syrup or peanut butter, sprinkles or nuts makes a perfect sundae for a special treat.

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