Tiny Toblerone Assorted Chocolate Bars with Honey and Almond Nougat, 4.23 oz (15 Pieces)

Tiny Toblerone Assorted Chocolate Bars feature iconic and unmistakable triangular chocolate peaks and a distinctive taste that's been loved for over 100 years. Known for its heritage in Swiss chocolate making, the Toblerone brand crafts its chocolate bars with high-quality ingredients to satisfy the tastes of any chocolate. Each pack comes with milk, dark, and white chocolate mixed with honey and almond nougat that creates delightfully decadent mini gourmet chocolate bars. Ideal for gifting and sharing, these mini chocolate candy bars are great for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other celebrations for chocolate-loving friends, family and coworkers. Keep a stash of these European chocolate bars in your office for a sweet snack or crumble as a topping on your favorite desserts.

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