Lunch Box Treat Recipes


When your kids open their lunchboxes to discover inventive snacks you’ve
created, they’re bound to be the most popular in the cafeteria.

Lunch box treats
Lunch Box Treats
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Lunch Box Treat Tips

  • Place a frozen juice box in your kids’ lunchbox.  It’ll keep the food chilled and will be thawed by lunchtime.
  • Go for variety. Make sandwiches using whole grain tortillas, bagels or pitas.
  • Pack antibacterial wet wipes so your kids can clean their hands before and after eating.
  • Add grated veggies to sandwiches and wraps for crunch.  It’s a great way to add a nutritious lift to their meal!  
  • Use small resealable bags to pack dressings. Kids can open one corner and simply squeeze onto salad, then discard.
  • Get dipping! Pack salsa, hummus, yogurt or salad dressing for your little ones to dunk their sandwich, veggies or fruit into.
  • Make bite-sized and mini versions of regular foods like sandwiches. They work well for small appetites and are more likely to be eaten.
  • Add a quick note to say, “Good luck on your test” or “I love you.” It will brighten your child’s day.

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