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Grilled Corn & Bacon Dip
30  Ratings
45 min total
CHIPS AHOY! Mudslide Mallow Bars
42  Ratings
4 hr 10 min total
Grilled Chicken and Fruit Salad
15  Ratings
30 min total
Mini Boston Cream Pies
703  Ratings
4 hr 30 min total
NUTTER BUTTER Neapolitan Squares
Not rated
3 hr 15 min total
Sweet "Burger" Bites
38  Ratings
6 hr 40 min total
Warm Mexican Spread
6  Ratings
20 min total
S'mores on a Stick
12  Ratings
20 min total
OREO-Mini Ice Cream Tartlets
110  Ratings
3 hr 20 min total
Cobb Salad Dip
67  Ratings
1 hr 15 min total
S'mores Your Way
8  Ratings
5 min total
Strawberry-Banana S'Mores
7  Ratings
21 min total
Grilled Banana Mini-Pies
Not rated
15 min total
Cookies 'n Cream Crispy Treats
24  Ratings
10 min total
Firecracker Bites
67  Ratings
2 hr 30 min total
Shrimp-Jalapeño "Poppers"
7  Ratings
60 min total

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