Recipe Tips

NoteTo prevent the cookies from being too soft, quickly dip each cookie into egg mixture before coating with the crumbs. There should be a small amount of egg mixture remaining after all the cookies have been dipped. 

How to StorePlace any leftover French-toasted cookies in tightly covered container.  Refrigerate   up to 3 days before serving. 

How to ReheatTo reheat any leftover French toasted cookies, heat toaster oven to 300°F.  Place cookies in single layer on baking sheet.  Bake 1 min. on each side or just until heated through. Or you can instead reheat them in the microwave.  Place cookies in single layer on microwaveable plate.  Microwave on HIGH 10 sec. or just until cookies are heated through.  Be careful to not overheat the cookies as this will cause them to become soft. 


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