Recipe Tips

Special ExtraCut additional cookie into quarters.  Garnish each dessert with 1 Tbsp. thawed frozen whipped topping and 1 quartered cookie piece just before serving. 

SubstitutePrepare using milk chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips.

How to Prep for Two Additional Mug CakesMeasure out flour and sugar needed for 2 additional mug cakes into small container with tight-fitting lid.  (A deli container works well.)  Do not add  baking powder.  Stir in 3 coarsely crushed cookies.  Measure out chocolate chips and chop 1 cookie; spoon into small resealable plastic bag. Store ingredients in both deli container and plastic bag at room temperature up to 1 week.  When ready to prepare mug cakes, melt butter, then mix with milk; set aside. Stir baking powder into dry ingredients; stir in milk mixture.  Pour into 2 prepared microwaveable mugs.  Top evenly with chocolate chip mixture.  Microwave as directed. 


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