Recipe Tips

Make it SimpleFor a small gathering, check out the in-store salad bar where you can purchase small amounts of each item instead of buying an entire package of each. Look for pre-sliced and cubed cheeses and prepared dips. Thinly sliced meats can often be purchased in an assortment package found in the deli or cheese departments. Check out the store's olive or salad bar for the marinated olives. Try serving an assortment of olive varieties, such as those flavored with crushed red pepper or herbs.

Vary the Cheeses, Meat & FruitFor a more interesting board, serve 3 or 4 kinds of cheeses featuring a variety of textures, shapes and flavors. Soft, semi-soft and firm cheese; cubes, slices, logs and wedges all add more interest. The meat slices can be rolled, folded or laid out flat. Choose fruits that are in season and have complementary flavors and shapes, such as clusters of grapes, sliced crisp pears and soft berries. Add something sweet, such as a small bowl of honey, jam or preserves, to drizzle over the topped crackers.

Cheese TipsFor best flavor, let the cheeses sit for about 15 min. at room temperature before serving. If serving a wedge or full piece of cheese, be sure to place a knife on the board for each variety of cheese you are serving.


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