Guidelines For Storing, Packing And Mailing Cookies

  • Always cool cookies before storing or packaging into a container.
  • Store in an air tight plastic container, one that allows ample room and no "over crowding" of the cookies.
  • Do not store soft cookies (chocolate chip or oatmeal) with hard or crunchy cookies (biscotti and shortbread). The moisture in the soft cookies will make the biscotti soft and vice versa.
  • Package cookies for gift giving or mailing in air tight hard containers. Re-sealable plastic bags or wraps are not a good idea unless hand delivering.
  • Harder cookies tend to mail the best but may be subject to breakage if packed too tightly, so leave ample room. Cookies should be packed snuggly, not overstuffed, but also not under packed.
  • Delicate cookies such as meringues, are not good candidates to ship. Choose sturdy, heavier cookies.
  • Most cookies are best at their freshest, so it's a good idea to express mail your handmade delectables.
  • If there is room in the container, fill spaces between the cookies with crumbled wax paper (which won't cause moist cookies to dry out).
  • Pack the container or tin with the cookies in a larger cardboard box for shipping. Place a lot of unbuttered air popped popcorn on the bottom, top and around the sides. Popcorn is cheaper and more degradable than shipping peanuts and won't crush like crumbled paper.
  • Label the outside of box as "breakable" and mark with "this side up".

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