Cooking Skills by Age

Match your kids' skill levels with various tasks for safe kitchen fun. Here are some tips for age-specific tasks:

3-Year Olds

Wash fruits and vegetables

Stir ingredients in a bowl

Tear lettuce

Pour liquids

4-Year Olds

Grease pans

Open packages

Peel oranges or hard-cooked eggs

Snip fresh herbs with dull scissors (with supervision)

Mash bananas with a fork

5-to 6-Year Olds

Measure ingredients

Cut soft foods with a blunt knife (with supervision)

Set the table

Garnish food

7-to 8-Year Olds

Help plan the meal

Roll and shape cookies

Beat ingredients with a whisk

Find ingredients in a cabinet or spice rack

Make a salad

9- to 12-Year Olds

Open cans

Use a microwave oven

Prepare simple recipes with few ingredients

Use an oven (with supervision)

Use a knife (with supervision)

Shred cheese and vegetables

13- to 16-Year Olds

Prepare recipes with multiple ingredients

Prepare recipes independently

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