Ritz Recipes delivers curated recipes directly to your kitchen. Browse our recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list & walk through the recipe preparation.

Skill Description:

Ritz Recipes delivers curated recipes directly to your kitchen.  Browse our recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list & walk through the recipe preparation at your own pace.  You can even step away from the recipe preparation steps and return later, resuming the recipe where you left off. 

To start using the Ritz Recipes skill, just say “Alexa, open Ritz Recipes” and begin exploring the list of featured recipes for upcoming seasonal occasions or search for recipes that incorporate a particular ingredient. Once you find one you like, select the recipe and you can add all the ingredients to your Alexa Shopping List by saying “add ingredients to my shopping list.” Or say “start the recipe” to hear the recipe preparation, step-by-step.

Don’t forget that you can interrupt Ritz Recipes at any point just by saying “Alexa” and your desired command. The Ritz Recipe Skill also automatically sends the selected recipe card to the Alexa App on your associated smart phone, making prep easy no matter where you are.

Featuring custom content for the Echo Show, Ritz Recipes is also designed for voice-only models of the Echo.

If at any point you need help within the skill, just say “Help” for guidance.  You can also start a new search by ingredient, occasion, or even ask for a random recipe at any point while using Ritz Recipes.

To get started with Ritz Recipes, just say “Alexa, open Ritz Recipes.” If you have a particular ingredient in mind such as cheese, you can ask for it directly by saying “Alexa, ask Ritz Recipes for recipes with cheese.” Or if you’re feeling spontaneous, you can say “Alexa, ask Ritz Recipes for a random recipe.”

Interacting with the Ritz Recipe Skill

Once you’ve opened Ritz Recipes to a recipe list, you can select a recipe several ways:

  • Touch to select a recipe (only for Echo Show)
  • Saying “Select number 2” or “Select recipe 3
  • By replying with “Yes” when asked if you would like to hear the particular recipe.

Note: You can change the currently suggested recipe on the list using the “Next” and “Previous” voice commands

When you have selected a recipe, the skill reads off the ingredients and prep time, and asks if you would like to start the recipe. A Recipe Card will also be sent to the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet if you’ve installed and set it up. Now you can:

  • Start the recipe” to begin hearing the recipe preparation steps
  • Add ingredients to shopping list”  
    • This requires granting Ritz Recipes the appropriate List permissions.  See FAQ below.


  • At any point while interacting with Ritz Recipes, you can:
    • Say “Help” for guidance
    • Start a new recipe search using commands such as:
      • “Show me recipes with cheese”
      • “Give me a random recipe”
      • “Show me seasonal recipes”
      • “Give me recipes for Thanksgiving”
    • End the skill using the “Stop” command
  • Missing permissions to send ingredients to the Shopping List:
  • Open Alexa App on your phone.
  • Open the menu (top left)
  • Click the Skills item
  • View Your Skills (top right)
  • Search for ‘Ritz Recipes’ and click into the skill
  • Click Setting to view permission setting. You should see a check mark to indicate the skill is authorized for both reading and writing to the lists.
  • If you need to authorize the skill, click the Manage Permissions button, and change the settings
  • Enabling the Skill for your Echo devices:
    • Open Alexa App on your phone.
    • Open the menu (top left), and click the Skills item
    • Search for Ritz Recipes using the search bar
    • Click on Ritz Recipes
    • Click to enable the skill
    • Authorize permissions for List Read Access and List Write Access

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